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Welcome! On this site we are discussing breast enlargement and answering as many questions as possible about popular products. This is mainly male breast enhancement but these products are used by women too.

Nature Day Review

Nature Day is far and away the #1 male breast enlargement product. Nothing comes close to the over 1000 reviews from satisfied men. (There are thousands more from joyful women too!).

The number of NatureDay reviews is simply incredible. The sheer number of reviews speaks volumes about the product.

Sold for more than a decade to others just like you wanting breast enhancement.

How long will it take to see larger breasts? You should have noticeable results within 30 days.

Does the breast enlargement work for men? Yes.

Bottom line: if you want to grow your breasts Nature Day is a no brainer to get.

- Order both the pills / liquid combo and cream which is directly applied to your breasts. Working in combination you will see growth faster.

- Avoid caffeine.

- Reduce your carbs.
Another common question - will my breasts decrease in size if I stop taking Nature Day? It usually takes six months of use to obtain permanent results. It varies per person.

For men, if you just want to experiment with having bigger breasts you can use Nature Day for a month or two and then stop. It's up to you. Your breasts may be tingling right now just thinking about it.

Or, if you like how it is working out for you continue to grow!

You owe it to yourself to check out Nature Day's amazing thousand reviews

Transfemme Review

Transfemme is a fake product claiming it is more than just breast enhancement. Transfemme claims it is for men wanting to physically become more female by converting testosterone to estrogen. .

There is no medical proof you will get larger breasts, softer skin, reduced hair loss, obtaining a more female shape, etc. None. Save your money.

This is a fraudulent male to female product with no refund policy and is not guaranteed to do anything but steal your money.

If you want to do this type of transformation without medically prescribed hormone treatments you're an idiot. There is no other product on the market like Transfemme because it is fraudulent.

Transfemme says it uses a proven, unique and special technique to grow male breasts into female breasts. There is no proof. Nothing.

Avalon Essentials claims while individual results always vary, noticeable male breast enhancement typically occurs within a month or two. There is no medical proof of this.

Transfemme says its product has helped many men like you to have increased their breasts by as much as two cup sizes. There is no proof.

Warning: Avalon Essentials claims if you take Transfemme for longer than six months the male to female conversion process can be permanent and result in irreversible changes. The only thing that is permanent is the damage to your bank account. This special process is what Transfemme calls aromatization. It is a false claim. Research it yourself. There is no medical process for male to female transformation called aromatization which Transfemme performs.

What is Aromatization?

Nothing. It is a long and medically sounding work the fraudsters behind Avalon Essentials use for marketing.

Although testosterone is considered a male hormone, it is found in both women and men. Testosterone comes from the androgen group. Tyically, a man has 40 to 60 times more testosterone than a woman has.

Similarly, estrogen is found in both women and men. However, women have much higher levels and this is a primary reason for female sex characteristics, such as larger breasts.

Estrogen is used as part of a hormone replacement treatment by medical doctors to convert transgendered men into women. Also, if a man has an imbalance with more estrogen, he may naturally grow larger breasts. This is a condition commonly known as Gynecomastia.

Converting natural testosterone into natural estrogen is what Transfemme says it does.

We have followed the Transfemme product for years, and although it has some testimonials and pictures it has nothing close to what Nature Day offers. The so-called testimonials also seem to have stopped as we have not seen new ones being posted. At one point the forum was over run by spam, and many questions in the new forum are simply not answered. Recently, this situation is not quite as bad but for whatever reason a ton of pure spam remains on the forum. Now, the forum is gone.

Don't be fooled by sexy pictures of women thinking this is what Transfemme will turn you into. You should run from any site promoting a transgender product with pictures of women.

For this reason we have created a Transfemme review page summarizing and analyzing all the Transfemme reviews.

Recommendation: DO NOT BUY TRANSFEMME. There is no guarantee, no proven results, nothing but the theft of your money.

More Questions and Answers

Can I take both Nature Day and Transfemme?
First of all, do not buy Transfemme. We are not aware of any conflicts between the products and they are not medications.

Are the ingredients natural?
Yes. Nature Day is 100% natural and lists the ingredients used on its website. These include Dong Quai, Saw Palmetto, Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek, and Fennel. The ingredients are known for stimulating blood flow to the mammary glands.

Transfemme is secretive about the ingredients in its product. That is what happens when the product is BS. Go ahead, look for a list of ingredients on the Transfemme website. Transfemme claims it uses a bovine ovary or placenta extract to influence hormones and testosterone production. More information is available on a bovine breast enlargment page about this BS claim.

How long does it take to see results?
Nature Day takes about a month, although it varies from person to person and may take a couple months.

Transfemme will never turn you from a man into a woman. It won't and there is not medical evidence anywhere this can happen.

I know you're excited about NatureDay, and disappointed to learn about Transfemme. There is no overnight solution other than surgery.

Are there pictures available?
Yes, for NatureDay. The pictures of Transfemme show nothing.

The Nature Day site has dozens, if not hundreds of pictures submitted by happy users. These pictures show various stages of breast growth. We have a page of NatureDay reviews with commonly asked questions and answers.

For some pictures the increase is very small. In other pictures it is very noticeable. Almost all of the pictures are associated with an explanation from the user about how long they have been using NatureDay, their results, and satisfaction. Some of the Nature Day pictures are also accompanied by audio statements submitted by customers. Another thing to look for in the graphics is when before and after pictures are taken. It is awesome to actually see the confirmed results others have achieved.

Transfemme has some pictures, but fewer, and there is no real proof of anything. Some pictures are embarrassing.

Can You Explain More about Estrogen and Transfemme?
We will try, but understand no medical advice is provided.

Testosterone and estrogen are both present in the male body, and both are beneficial. Testosterone gets all the publicity since men naturally have a higher ratio to estrogen than women. It is one factor distinguishing men from women.

A natural process where some testosterone is converted into estrogen. It can happen while aging, causing men to lose muscle mass and their strength.

Sometimes, this occurs unnaturally, such as from steroid use.

Doctors may say when the estrogen level is "too high" it can cause a man to develop gynecomastia. In other words - larger breasts. Often, much larger and very noticeable breasts.

This can be embarassing for men who do not want to have boobs, or "man-boobs".

Unfortunately, there is no proof Transfemme even does not.

There are dozens of breast enhancement products on the market. That is not what Transfemme advertises itself is. Rather, Transfemme claims it will transform a man into a womam with numerous permanent changes to his body.

It is utter nonsense. To our knowledge there is no medical proof, no study, and not a single medical physician on the planet who verifies Transfemme does what is claims.

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